a r t e / musica: Sebastian Arnold

135441_4252699069543_217484852_oSebastian Arnold is a drummer and electronic musician living in Berlin, Germany. He is touring as a one-man-band playing drums andsynthesizers, creating a danceable mixture of jazz, electronica and post-rock music by using his drumset to directly interact with the electronic equipment.

He released several CDs on his label beeah–music, including the three solo albums mad scientist drummerAttempt to change a running system e.p. and Interstellar Getaway. Besides his interests in information technology, recording and sound design as well as experimental improvised music he is playing in several other bands, including the lofi-orchestra Inefficient Screws and Trio Metrik.

135441_4252699069543_217484852_oMad Scientist Drummer, Sebastian Arnold, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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